The main occupation of Lusar Trans LTD is freight forwarding. The company offers the most effective and fastest methods of transportation with the most flexible prices. We offer services as containerized shipments, road cargo transportation and air cargo transportation.

The company Lusar Trans is organizing freight forwarding from Europe, CIS countries and from Far East countries to Armenia, Georgia and The Russian Federation. Our company cooperates with the biggest international freight forwarding companies with their warehouses in different countries and with the companies who offer delivery to warehouses. All this gives us opportunity to control the whole process of transportation of the cargo of our clients, thus supporting the quality of services from door to door.

Your cargo starts its way by being delivered to the warehouses of our partners. The cargo may be delivered by the customer himself. Also, we provide services of cargo pickup from 50kg. After loading your cargo is being shipped from our warehouses. Shipment is done 3 times a week and more frequently in high season and up to 2 times in low season.

Lusar Trans LTD provides services of transportation of cargoes in different sizes and volume. As the most effective solution for shipments of small-sized cargoes we offer consolidated containerized cargo shipments, road cargo shipments by trucks and air cargo shipments. Complete cargoes are shipped in a standard way by mentioned methods. Lusar Trans LTD offers different kinds of trucks including refrigerator trucks that are fit for perishable loads, double-deck trucks that give extra space and are fit for loads large in sizes, but small in weight. We also possess trucks consisted of two parts and a capacity of up to 120m3. In addition we also provide services of fragile cargoes transportation.

The choice of the shipping method depends on customers’ requirements and preferances. Our company offers all possible options for the most available prices.

Also it is worth mentioning that besides import Lusar Trans LTD provides services of export by request in advance.

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