Lusar Trans LTD provides warehousing services in many countries. As a company specialized in cargo forwarding from European countries, we have warehouses of our partners at our disposal in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland. We would like to mention as well the cooperation with warehouses in the Russian Federation and China. We provide warehousing as a part of a transportation process and separately as well. Our main privilege is that the route from manufacturer to the customer is systemized and controlled by us. What does it mean? We provide pickup of cargo from 50 kg from supplier to our warehouses; otherwise the cargo is being delivered by the customer himself. We provide services of loading and unloading, taking into consideration such characteristics of cargo as appearance, form, type.

Warehousing and loading of cargo is done under the careful control of our representatives. This supports a maximal careful attitude towards cargo. The load in our warehouses is kept under video surveillance 24 hours. Customs formalities and the export of the cargo from warehouses by chosen method of transportation are made 1-2 times a week during low season and 3 or more times during high season. After the delivery of the cargo to the territory of the country it may be transferred to the mentioned point. According to this we can say that we support safety and the quality of the whole transportation cycle of the freight from the source of origin to the customer. You can trust us your cargo surely as we work with cargo forwarding companies and their warehouses whose names and supplied quality are checked by experience of many years.